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Embrace the Canvas of Your Imagination - Let Us Turn Your Dreams into Exquisite Reality!

We are creative

About Us

Welcome to Assembly Point Interior Decoration LLC

Where Creativity Meets Innovation: Changing the Way We Think About Interior Design. With a history of turning everyday spaces into exceptional works of art, we’re here to help bring your dreams to life.




Our Vision

Revitalizing Spaces, Enriching Lives
Pioneering Interior Vision From inception, Assembly Point Interior Decoration LLC aimed to reimagine interiors. Our journey of accomplishments has made us a prominent international Limited Liability Company.

Our Mission

Crafting Exquisite Interiors, One Dream at a Time

Our Approach

Design as an Art, Crafted with Precision
At Assembly Point Interior, design is an art. Each project is a canvas, where creativity and craftsmanship unite. Collaboration ensures your vision shines, transformed into a reality beyond imagination.

Our Values

The Essence of Our Craft.
Quality defines us, from materials to finishing touches.
Innovation: Creativity Meets Potential Innovation shapes our designs, setting trends.
Integrity: A Pillar of Trust Integrity builds trust, guiding client relationships.
Excellence: A Legacy of Mastery Excellence is our signature in design, execution, and service.

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